eazybox 1.0

  • EazyFrame

    The eazyframe makes honey extraction a breeze. Frame deposits honey in a pod which can be taken out from side of the eazybox. Honey is extracted in an automated way without any need for manual intervention. Eazyframe is also sold as a separate product and can be used in conventional hive.

  • Honey Lock

    HoneyLock feature provides a partition which can be locked easily from outside by rotating a knob in case of low season. This prevents bees from eating away honey meant for human consumption. Due to global warning seasons are low and erratic and honey lock helps in improving the productivity of the hive.

  • Pod

    Detachable pods makes extraction highly convenient and hygienic. No fumes, no manual intervention and no filtering required. No bee harmed or even traumatized.

  • Adjustable Legs

    Adjustable legs to make sure the hive always leveled. Ball enabled resting pads makes sure legs can work in all kinds of terrain.

  • User Adjustable Gates

    Adjustable gates for altering the size of entrance for different conditions. Retractable landing pad for easy transportation.

  • Foldable Top Mesh

    Top foldable mesh has been divided into three parts for less disturbance to the bees.

  • Multiple Ventilation Points

    With six user controlled ventilation points heat and humidity can easily be controlled.

  • Spirit or Bubble Levels

    Two spirit levels are provided on front and side to easily monitor levelling of the hive.

  • Bottom Cleaning Tray

    Provided with bottom mesh with tray for waste management.

  • High precision & long lasting

    Box is crafted using precision CNC cutting machines. 1 inch thick high quality pine wood ensures longevity and better insulation for both hot and cold weather.

  • Superior Insulation

    Height of bottom and top part of hive is twice that of conventional hive to provide superior air insulation. It just like a house on an elevated platform with high roof. Also 1 inch thick pine wood provides adequate insulation for both hot and cold climates.